Minnesota Directors of Nursing Administration/Long Term Care


In the Spring of 1990, 28 Lakes Area DON’s were challenged to find an organization that would serve the needs of Long Term Care Directors. They felt a number of issues needed to be examined:

  • Challenges facing the DON.
  • The needs and expectations of the DON.
  • Constructive working relationships with administration as well as with staff.
  • A statewide networking system within a national organization.
  • The opportunity to be heard on a state level and to establish positions on matters which affect the

Several organizations were considered, but they felt the National Association of Directors of Nursing
Administration/Long Term Care (NADONA/LTC) was the most appropriate. So, in July of 1990,
National President, Joan Warden came to Minnesota and officially accepted the 28 Lakes Area DON’s as
founding members of MN-DONA/LTC. In 2002, the membership voted to dissolve the relationship with

In 2005, the MN-DONA Board invited Michael Steinberg to facilitate a retreat which began the process
of involving the members in the development of a new organizational Mission, a motivational Vision
and a set of Core Values designed to help MN-DONA keep its focus and maintain its value to its members
and the long-term care community at large.

Once the focus was clear and the membership had endorsed the work thus far, the Board turned its
attention to developing a leadership process and creating a plan to carry out the Mission and Vision into
the future. It was determined to take the next step by creating Empowered Committees by defining their
role and clearly outlining the authority to act for all MN-DONA Committees. This has lead to the
development of jurisdiction agreements and action plans for our committees. In this process, the
decision was made to add a Spring Conference Committee.

Today our membership is over 275 strong. A number of members serve as liaisons between our
organization and other long-term care groups such as Care Providers of Minnesota, Aging Services of
Minnesota, Minnesota Medical Directors Association, MOLN and APIC. We meet routinely with staff from
the Minnesota Department of Health and have three members serving on a Long Term Care Issues Ad
Hoc Committee regarding survey issues.

One of the greatest values MN-DONA members experience is the networking. There is a generous and
open sharing of information in all aspects of Long Term Care, including product information, survey
results, nursing management and budget control. MN-DONA members who desire more active
involvement may serve on various committees: Scholarship/Education; Publicity/Membership;
Legislative; Finance/Auditing; Constitution/Bylaws; Nominating; and Spring Conference.

Each year MN-DONA sponsors a Spring and Fall Conference which are dedicated to the professional
and educational development of the Director of Nursing in Long Term Care. Scholarships are awarded
at the conferences to advance education in Long Term Care. MN-DONA has organized prep classes for
the ANA Gerontological Certification and has sponsored members to attend the MOLN Minnesota Public
Policy Internship program. Additionally, MN-DONA sponsors a Day At The Capitol each funding year
that focuses on long-term care nursing issues and in 2010 our new website was launched.

In 2014, in response to the evolution of its membership, MN-DONA voted to accept RN’s in leadership roles in Assisted Living Facilities.



Fall Conference October 10-12, 2018.
Location : Breezy Point

We look forward to seeing you there!

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