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Dear Friends of MN-DONA:

The Minnesota Directors of Nursing Administration (MN-DONA) greatly appreciates the support of our vendor community. This support allows us to accomplish our mission of providing exceptional education programs and other significant benefits for our members. The partnership of our vendors and MN-DONA is crucial to our mutual success.

MN-DONA has developed a sponsorship program to enhance interaction between the vendor community and our members with six sponsorship levels. Different sponsor benefits are associated with each level of contribution. The sponsorship program offers our vendors the ease of selecting the contribution level that best correlates with their needs for advertising and marketing within the long-term care nursing community. The benefits of vendor sponsorship will be realized immediately and will continue all year long through our strong sponsor benefit program. Our vendor sponsors benefit from outstanding advertising, marketing and relationship building opportunities. Sponsorships will be renewable on a yearly basis.

The MN-DONA Board of Directors is constantly searching for ways to make improvements in the sponsorship program for our organization and its supporting vendors. This program will give your company the level of exposure you want and end the continuous requests for support you have received from MN-DONA in the past.

Our mission statement emphasizes education for nurses and therefore each sponsor level (except patrons) provides at least one scholarship through our MN-DONA Scholarship Program. Sponsor scholarships will go toward helping DONs attend the Fall Conference!

Sponsors also get a free booth and first choice of booth selection at our Fall Conference each year, as well as recognition at Fall Conference, on the website, etc. See Conferences for more Exhibitor Information.

Below this letter is a link that has a detailed listing of the partnering opportunities along with a sponsorship registration form and more information about MN-DONA.

Through sponsorship, we hope you develop many rewarding relationships with our members. Please contact us with any questions about the MN-DONA Vendor Sponsorship Program.

Thank you and for questions please email sarah@bestmeetings.com

Link to Online Sponsorship Registration


Fall Conference

October 6-8, 2021


Breezy Point Resort

We look forward to seeing you there! 


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Support the needs of Long Term Care Directors.

Become a member today! 

Support the needs of Long Term Care Directors.


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