Committees are an essential link to the membership

MN-DONA Committees provide for the programs and activities which serve the members and keep our association financially solvent.

While each committee has its specific responsibilities and objectives, there is a common thread. All committees provide essential service to members, and the activities planned rely on the participation of the membership to ensure success.

Hence, it is imperative that all events and programs be well coordinated and publicized and that each committee be knowledgeable about all committee and MN-DONA functions.


Nominating Committee

Responsibilities Include:

  • Solicit and secure candidates for offices and District Directors.
  • Prepare and present the election ballot.
  • Tally and verify validity of ballots.
  • Notify candidates of election results.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Responsibilities Include:

  • Draw up, word and prepare any and all amendments to the existing Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Oversee the process for any Constitution& Bylaws changes.


Scholarship and Education Committee

Responsibilities Include:

  • Study the feasibility and appropriateness of all scholarships.
  • Participate in certification of the Director of Nursing.
  • Promote long term care curriculum development.
  • Administer and award all available scholarships.
  • Recommend to the Executive Committee expenditures for the educational development of all members.

Publicity/Membership Committee

Responsibilities Include:

  • Develop a media distribution list.
  • Notify industry organizations about MN-DONA meetings and events for their calendars and publications.
  • Develop a relationship with business media to increase visibility of MN-DONA through local publications.
  • Maintain organization’s scrapbook.
  • Develop ideas for the MN-DONA items for sale, present to the Board for approval and manage production, distribution and sales.
  • Promote membership in the organization including patron members.
  • Develop and oversee membership recruitment campaign.
  • Oversee the membership directory
  • Develop on-going recognition of members program utilizing the newsletter, meetings and conferences.
  • Sell items for sale at Spring and Fall Conference.

Finance Committee

Responsibilities Include:

  • Prepare and submit annual budget to the membership.
  • Report financial information at the Board of Director’s Meetings and Annual Meeting.
  • Review the Treasurer’s accounts at the close of the fiscal year and report to the Executive Committee.
  • Review organization’s tax reports as filed by the Treasurer.

Fall Conference Committee

This committee is exempt from guidelines specified in Article VIII of MN-DONA’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Plan and coordinate the Fall Conference for the educational development of nursing management in long term care.
  • Committee is comprised of District III MN-DONA members.

Legislative Committee

Responsibilities Include:

  • Plan Day at the Capitol .
  • Keep the membership informed of matters of legislation pertaining to long term care.

Spring Conference Committee

Responsibilities Include:

  • Plan and coordinate the Spring Conference for the educational development of nursing management in long term care.

If you would like to serve on a committee, please call the MN-DONA office 1 (800) 958-8875 or email using the link below.


40th Fall Conference

October 11 - 13, 2023

Breezy Point Resort

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